Baby (0-5 years old) in the existing beds

10.00 EUR (Günlük Başına Miktar)

You must add this service if there will be 1 baby sleeping in the existing beds.

NB: the age of the baby must be una maximum 5 years old. Above this age it will be necessary one more sleep and it will be considered as an adult: please pay attention because in case you exceeed the number of sleeps booked the hotel has the right to debit you an extra fees and cancel your reservation. For any clarification please contact the hotel and the staff will be happy to assist you.

Baby cot

15.00 EUR (Günlük)

Select this service to add 1 baby (0-5 years old) to your reservation and request a baby cot.
If this is a last minute request please contact the hotel as soon as possible.
The price includes the nightly baby fee and the cot rental fee.

Attention please: children above the age of 5 will need their own bed and therefore are considered the same as adults.

Cancellation policy: 70% refund for cancellation at any time till your check-in.

Airport shuttle from/to Bari

100.00 EUR (Miktar Başına)

Direct transfer service from the airport to the hotel or from the hotel to the airport.
The price is for a maximum of 3 people or even 4 people in case the bags are not too much or too big (the driver and the passengers must be able to sit comfortably in a 5-seat car with a luggage compartment of approximately 500-550 cc.
The price refers to a one-way transfer; if you wish to request the same service for the return too, just book 2 transfers.
In the same way it is possible to make additions to book more cars for larger groups.

It is necessary to book in advance of the date on which the service is requested and the following information must be provided:
- date, time and place of departure (Bari airport or hotel);
- flight number:
- number of people, including children and babies;
- number of child seats required;
- surname of the contact person;
- contact phone / Whatsapp of the contact person.
The hotel will check the information provided and the availability and will confirm when the service is added to your reservation.
For last minute requests, please contact the hotel directly soon to check if the service is available.

Bike rental

25.00 EUR (Günlük Başına Miktar)

Add a bike to your reservation: it will be at your disposal for the full lenght of your stay.
The base price is referred to 1 bike for a day: please just insert the number of bikes required to get the total price.
The kind of bike provided is normally a city bike.
To request this service for a limited time or for any further requests please contact the hotel.

Cancellation policy: full refund (100%) for cancellations made at any time before using the bike, for any reason (bad weather included).

Late check-in h 21:00-24:00

20.00 EUR (Rezervasyon Başına)

Expected arrival time after h 21:00?
No problem: adding the late check-in service to your reservation the reception time will be extended to guarantee your check-in
between h. 21:00 and h 24:00.
Please communicate any flight information in advance.
If the expected arrival time is after midnight, then it will be necessary to communicate in advance with the hotel to check if possible and the price.

Cancellation policy: this service can be cancelled before h. 21:00 of the check-in date, but you must inform the hotel in advance. No refund for late or not adviced cancellation.

Luggage deposit for eary arrival h. 11:00-13:00

3.00 EUR (Rezervasyon Başına)

Luggage deposit service for early arrival

A member of the staff
 will be at your disposal by appointment to take any bag or trolley in custody, so that you will have more freedom to walk to the discovery of Polignano.

- the time slot is between 11:00 and 13:00;
- the price is fixed, regardless of the number of bags;
- up to 1 day before arrival you can either book the service or cancel it for free;
- in case of no show the full amount must be paid, as there will be a dedicated person waiting for you;
- included in the price is the custody of a maximum number of 10 units including bags, trolleys and other items;
- for any specific needs you can contact the hotel;
- the service is offered with the assumptions of courtesy and trust, relieving the hotel of any responsibility in the case of vandalism or missing items (however never occurred in the past).

Luggage deposit service at check-out

3.00 EUR (Rezervasyon Başına)

Luggage deposit service at check-out

The staff will take care of your luggage and will be at your disposal by appointment for the same day pickup or even in the following days.

- up to 1 day before check-out you can either book the service or cancel it for free;
- taking into custody takes place at check-out;
- the price refers to the deposit and collection on the same day, while for several days the price is multiplied by each additional day or part of a day (eg pickup the day after = price multiplied by 2);
- to arrange the appointment for the luggage pickup it is necessary to contact and agree with the hotel about the day and time slot, also based on the availability of the hotel;
- included in the price is the custody of a maximum number of 10 units including bags, trolleys and other items;
- the service is offered with the assumptions of courtesy and trust, relieving the hotel of any responsibility in the case of vandalism or missing items (however never occurred in the past).

Boat trip

29.00 EUR (Occlsione Reale)

Unforgettable experience to discover the amazing sea caves of Polignano and the majestic cliff.
Unique places that can only be explored with this tour.
The excursion lasts from 1 hour to 1 hour and a half.

It is possible to take a swim in the sea by expressly asking the Captain, who will indicate the time when he will be allowed.
The departure will be either from the port of Cala Paguro (also called Cala Paura - tour of about 1 hour) or from that of San Vito (tour of  about 1 hour and a half), according to the decisions of the Authorities, and the place will be confirmed in advance in any case.

The price includes the boat excursion, while it does not include any transfers to/from the departure port, which are paid separately upon request (the cost depends on the number of people and the type of vehicle available, usually with a price from 5 euro to 15 euro per person round trip from Polignano).

Included in the price is a little snack with local taralli pastries and Prosecco wine.

Exclusive services are available on request, including private boat tours - without the presence of other guests - with the possibility of adding an aperitif service and extended tours. Ask the property for information for a quote.

In case of bad weather or too rough sea, the Captain will declare the impossibility of making the excursion and you will be informed in advance: in this case you can decide whether to cancel the reservation for free or reschedule it.

Parking space in garage

10.00 EUR (Günlük Başına Miktar)

Request for a safe standard parking space in the hotel garage.
If you have a very big/long vehicle please contact the hotel providing any information to check for availability.

NB: After adding this service to your reservation you may receive an automated message to confirm your request, but please note that in case of a high demand of parking spaces in garage for the same dates the hotel may refuse your request. If this service is indispensable for you then please contact the hotel for confirmation.

Service cancellation policy: 70% refund for cancellation at any moment.